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Congratulations! You won the 2015 Super Service Award!
Now comes the fun part...showing it off. Display the logo on your business website, marketing materials and around your office.
Visit the Super Service Award winner page to receive your free award logo for your business website, the official press release to share with local media and award certificate to display in your office.  You can also check out the Super Service Award store for more ways to show off this prestigious honor!

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Angie's List exhibited at its second trade show of 2016 at the International Roofing Expo in Orlando, Florida, from February 17-19. In total, over 9,400 roofing construction professionals walked through the show at the Orange County Convention Center. As a first time exhibitor Angie's List had great success, engaging with both new and existing service providers interested in learning more about our product lineup.  At the booth attendees were able to sit down and talk with Angie's List representatives about their current advertising, discuss new opportunities to help grow businesses and learn more about our newest product, LeadFeed.  Angie's List is exhibiting at the following shows in 2016 and is constantly adding more to the list. Look for more details and information as we get closer to show dates!
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