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Thousand Oaks Plumbing Services is a full-service plumbing company that specializes in providing general plumbing, water heaters, slab leaks, and sewer & drain services. We work with a dedicated team of Camarillo plumber with several years of experience in handling plumbing and sewer projects. Our team possesses the required tools and expertise to manage both minor and major plumbing tasks.

For several years, we have been recognized to cater to the plumbing and sewer needs of both commercial and residential clients in Camarillo, CA. We are always ready to dedicate every available resource at our disposal to offer you the very best of plumbing services. Our services are well-detailed and offered with a high level of professionalism.

What Are The Signs That Indicate You Need A Plumber?

Often, problems with the plumbing system can be a mess, and nobody likes being in a mess. There are different plumbing problems, and sometimes people do think they can do a DIY fixing, but they end up waist deep in water. Plumbing issues can be complicated, and when you see these signs, you should consider calling a plumber:

No water: Imagine waking up, and you want to wash your face or take a shower, and nothing comes out beyond a drip. This is a sign that something has gone wrong somewhere, there are various reasons this could happen;  it might be a leak somewhere, pipes problems, etc. when you see these signs, you should call a plumber.

Sink Is Slow To Drain: This happens when you are taking a shower, and the water is not flowing away or draining like it ought to, or you are probably in the kitchen washing, and the water in your kitchen sink is not going down the sink but filling up. You may have a drainage problem that needs plumber attention.

Burst or Frozen Pipes: This is mostly caused by frozen water inside the pipes, it happens especially during the winter days. When the water freezes, it leads to bursting of pipes, which can then lead to significant water damage around your home.

Gurgling Sounds: Has your toilet been making a weird sound? This is one of the signs that tell you that you need a plumber. The gurgling sounds may be a sign of major blockage somewhere in your pipes; you’ll need a plumber to check out your pipes and see where the problem is. If there’s an excessive blockage, the pressure build-up can push out against the pipes causing busts and leaks.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge?

The cost of fixing a slab leak will definitely be different from that of a burst pipe, or cost of fixing faucets.  How much plumbers charge depends largely on several factors, some of these factors are:

  • Labor costs
  • The location
  • What are the plumbing systems involved?
  • How severe is the problem
  • The time and materials needed for the job.
  • The timing.

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