Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Article provided by: Epoxy-Coat

Epoxy-Coat is the number one selling commercial epoxy flooring coat, made in the USA to high standards to provide superior results. If you’re looking for the world’s premium flooring product- this is it.

You can be assured that with over 35 years of expertise in commercial epoxy flooring, Epoxy-Coat is the only kit of its kind offered directly to the end user for applications that are extremely demanding, such as concrete or wood floor coating. As a 100% solids Cycloaliphatic epoxy, it’s ideal for garage floor coating, basement floor coating, patio and even industrial and commercial concrete floors.

Best of all, 100% solids yields 100% dried material after the floor coat fully dries. Compared with most water based epoxies that dry at 30-40% volume, you’ll get a lot more for your money when you purchase Epoxy-Coat.

As a commercial epoxy flooring, Epoxy-Coat will give you the professional look you want and will revitalize your old floors with one application. If you’ve been looking for a product that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your old flooring, you’re going to love the sleek, smooth finish you’ll get with Epoxy-Coat. With the lifetime durability guarantee, Epoxy-Coat will continue guarding your floor against peels and wear year after year.

Customers appreciate that Epoxy-Coat is easy to apply and highly affordable, so you won’t have to hire a professional to do the work- and your floor coating can be applied in about 3 hours, with less than 24 hours of complete drying time, even for heavy traffic. Take a look at a few of the other advantages Epoxy-Coat has over the competitors’ brands:

- Cleans quickly and easily with water and a mild detergent
- One-coat application, as compared with 2-3 coats for other water-based coatings
- 10X the durability at just 1.5X the cost of water based products
- A professional, high-gloss, quality look
- Self-leveling and easy to apply
- Advanced, 2-part oil-based system with no odor!
- Slip resistant, industrial grade finish
- Almost 5X thicker than water-based products
- Resists hot tire marks, oil, salt, chemicals and abrasion
- Increased light reflectivity
- Simple and affordable surface restoration
- Eliminates costly concrete contamination

Now you can coat even the biggest areas with the great selection of commercial epoxy flooring coat available at With so many order sizes, you can cover any area at the best price. Epoxy coating has long been used in homes and for residential applications; now it’s possible to have a brand new look and durable floor in warehouses, offices, stadiums and other commercial areas.

Choose from the 15 gallon large capacity standard or premium kits, the 30 gallon standard and premium kits and the 150 gallon contractor drum kits in standard colors or in clear. Find out more about the commercial epoxy flooring coat from Epoxy-Coat by calling 800-842-5580 or by visiting online at where you can read the FAQ page, check pricing and learn more about the installation process.
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