Corian Countertops Illinois

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Corian Countertops Illinois

For over 50 years, Sprovieri's Custom Counters has been fabricating and installing countertops all over the Midwest, primarily in Illinois. Corian is a solid surface material created by the DuPont Company in 1967. Sprovieri's Custom Counters is a Dupont certified fabricator in Illinois and is often the go-to fabricator for various Corian applications, both residentially and commercially. 

Corian comes with a ten-year warranty but, in practice, can last more than 30 years. Corian is manmade and therefore a non-porous, stain-resistant, and heat resistant (up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit) material. Unlike natural stone, Corian countertops never have to be sealed. At $45 to $150 a square foot, Corian is a bit less expensive than natural stone or quartz. 

Corian is cut into cross sections, which displays consistent coloring and even pattern distribution. To fabricate and install Corian successfully, pieces are combined with Corian's color-matched two-part acrylic adhesive and tightly clamped together. The countertop is then sanded and polished for a nearly seamless joint after the adhesive dries. This gives Corian a seamless appearance. Since there are no crevices, dirt and bacteria will never grow on a Corian surface.

Corian can be thermoformed and shaped any way you want. This material advantage comes in handy if you have an odd-shaped space. With Sprovieri's thermoforming technology, we can create custom and integrated sinks, shower bases, and more that eliminates the need for any grout lines.

It is possible to cut or scratch Corian, but these are easily buffed out with a Scotch-Brite pad or orbital sander. To clean Corian countertops, all you need is soapy water or ammonia-based detergent solution. 

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Corian Countertops Illinois
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