Custom Concrete Patios Tulsa

Custom Concrete Patios Tulsa

Concrete is extremely versatile. For this reason, your custom concrete patios in Tulsa will be truly unique. Coloring techniques like dying or staining concrete enables you to attain virtually any look you desire. For instance, you can easily match your patio with the rest of the natural landscape. As far as patterns go, you have a world of options—stencil, engraving, and so much more.

In addition to its versatility, concrete is also super durable. The material can be installed in any environment and will stand up to the elements. At Summit Concrete and Construction Company, LLC, we're trusted stamped concrete contractors in Tulsa, OK. We'll build you the patio you've always envisioned while complying with all the applicable building codes.

Best Ideas for Concrete Custom Patios

Below are just a couple of ideas for your concrete patio:

  • Liven Up Your Patio

Once your Tulsa concrete patios are ready, you can use accents such as a stained wooden bench that will instantly add warmth. If you’ve always wanted the look of high-end natural stone, you can achieve the same effect with stamped concrete.

Decorative concrete services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can also use different brick and stone patterns or powdered pigments and stains to color your concrete patio to resemble the natural stone you desire. Further, use can use greenery to create a beautiful contrast with your patio. All these additions provide a relaxing space to unwind at the end of a long day.

  • Construct Low Retaining Walls

After your patio contractor in Tulsa is done, consider building low retaining walls in the patio area. They’re perfect for adding dimension and taking your patio design to the next level. The low walls can be seating areas when you’re entertaining guests, create a garden space, and even prevent rainwater from collecting on your patio.

  • Color Your Patio

Using water or acid-based concrete stains, you can give your concrete patio a complete makeover. If you like, stick to earth-toned colors that effortlessly blend with your home's exterior and outdoor setting.

Alternatively, go all out. Unconventional colors combined with graphic designs can shake things up. Water-based concrete stains give you endless options, including green, blue, and red. The array of colors can be mixed to give you even more choices.

  • Get a Fire Pit

If you love extending your time outside, why not put a fire pit in your concrete patio. You’ll enjoy spending summer nights with family and friends around a cozy, open fire roasting marsh mellows and sipping on some wine.

Enhance Your Space with A Custom Concrete Patio

Expertly-built custom concrete patios in Tulsa can make your outdoor living space more inviting and enhance the appeal of your property. At Summit Concrete and Construction Company, LLC, we're leading concrete patio contractors in Tulsa, OK, reputed for the finest custom patios that will completely transform your home. We've been able to achieve this by sitting down with clients and listening to what they want, then working to make their vision a reality. Receive a no-obligation free, in-person estimate:

Custom Concrete Patios Tulsa
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Custom Concrete Patios Tulsa
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