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Painting the exterior of a house can pose some problems that require special attention. When you hire a professional painting company, such as Total Pro Painting for exterior painting in Victoria, we tackle the problems of fading, blistering, and cracking for you. We'll help you prevent them in the first place. These types of problems occur naturally from weathering or from the use of low-quality paints.

What are the Problems of Exterior Painting?

One of the biggest problems with exterior painting is fading. While the interior of a home will look great for years if it's cared for, you'd be lucky to get a home's exterior not to fade within a year. Fading is caused by exposure to light. There are ways of combating fading. One way is, if you're painting with latex, to use acrylic latex.

Acrylic latex doesn't fade as quickly. Your siding might look faded, but rub your hand across it. If there is a fine powder, this is caused by chalking. Chalking occurs due to inadequate priming, over-thinning of the paint, or just spreading the paint too thin. To remove the chalk, first, clean the surface with a stiff brush using TSP and water. Be sure to rinse well. When the surface is dry, be sure to add a coat of high-quality paint, such as 100% acrylic latex.

Other common problems can result from painting in less-than-ideal weather or just poor prep work. When you hire Total Pro Painting, you don't have to worry about any of this. We take care of it ourselves. That is why Total Pro Painting is the best choice for exterior painting in Victoria. By taking the time to do the necessary but tedious prep work, your exterior paint job will look better and last longer.

By scraping and sanding the area to be painted down to its original surfaces, applying a coat of primer, and then a high-quality paint, we can prevent blistering. Blistering can be seen in the bubbles on the paint's surface caused by excessive heat or moisture. If you see blisters after painting, don't pop them. Just wait and see if they recover on their own. If the surface is still blistered after a few days, scrape away the bubbled area. Then, if you see the previous coat of paint under the blisters, it was caused by excessive heat - a reason not to paint in direct sunlight.

On the other hand, if the popped blisters reveal the original surface, they were caused by moisture, which means that water is somehow trapped inside your walls. First, be sure that you don't have a drainage problem with your roof or gutters. Of course, you may also have condensation built up within your walls.

If you want to avoid the hard work and the guesswork, contact Total Pro Painting today. We are the number one choice for exterior painting in Victoria. Call us today for a free estimate and ask to see our portfolio.

Exterior Painting Victoria