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Privacy Fence LouisvilleA privacy fence can provide homeowners with everything from seclusion to safety, and increase the value of property itself. Fence It Now in Louisville, Kentucky has built fencing for businesses, monuments, pools, construction areas, and privacy fences for homeowners.

Why is a privacy fence a good idea?

Many property owners might think that their property is already secure. They may also think that the fact that they are in a good neighborhood and location is security enough. A privacy fence first provides a layer of protection from prying eyes, whether they are from neighbors, people passing through your neighborhood, or not-so-nice trespassers. Crimes such as burglary and home invasion can be deterred by keeping personal property out of sight, and also by creating a barrier that would make such crimes more difficult.

What do privacy fences provide?

Besides added security for your home itself, a privacy fence creates a safer yard for your children and pets. It can also help to muffle noise from pets, socializing with guests – anything that could potentially be annoying to your neighbors. A privacy fence also establishes boundaries. If you’ve ever heard the saying that “good fences make good neighbors,” you know there may be something to this truism.
What kind of fence should we invest in?

There are many possible choices in materials and aesthetic for your fence, depending on the type of property, the intended use for the fence, the codes and covenants that apply to your property, and other factors.

Just some of the possible materials for fences include: Wood, vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, aluminum, PVC, and more. The input and labor of professionals is important when you invest in a privacy fence; one awesome place to get that advice and get the job done is Fence It Now in Louisville, Kentucky. One thing you don’t want to do is to go it alone; most professionals agree that few fences are DIY possibilities.  

This looks really expensive. How much does a privacy fence cost?

According to, the average nationwide cost of building a privacy fence in 2019 is $2,401.00. Of course, the nice folks at Louisville fence company Fence It Now, FenceItNow.Net, are glad to talk with you about prices for a privacy fence.

If you think in terms of investment vs. expense, a privacy fence can add to the value of a residential property. Based on the size of the property and the type of fence, a privacy fence can add from $1,500-4,000 to the asking price of a property.

A Great Investment Now and In The Future

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