Triple Pane Windows Overland Park

Triple Pane Windows Overland Park

Guide For Triple Pane Windows In Overland Park

Triple pane windows in Overland Park are an exclusive improvement from double glazed windows. Triple pane windows in Overland Park come with two spacers and three panes of glass which ultimately makes much heavier than the previously widely used double pane windows. However, if fiberglass is utilized for frame material, it will be able to accommodate the weight of a regular triple glazed window. Note that despite the heavy weight of the triple pane window, there won’t be any effect on the daily use of your windows. Most people are more attracted to selecting triple pane windows in Overland Park because there is a significant difference in the performance of a triple pane window and a double pane window.

When comparing key factors like the U-values or SHGC, it is essential to note that there is an approximate improvement of 20 to 30 percent in the energy ratings of a triple pane window. In most cases, the manufacturer will upcharge for triple glazed windows because other companies usually use the double pane frame then try to put a much heavier triple pane unit in the same frame design. They do this in a bid to dissuade consumers from using triple pane window units by increasing its pricing. This is basically a review of triple pane windows in Overland Park. Below are some key considerations:

What is The Frame Material?

If you are looking to buy triple pane windows, then you must consider the fact that these window units are a much heavier set than that of double glazed windows. Which is why as stated earlier in the introduction triple pane windows will need a sturdy frame material with the capacity to withstand its weight. This frame must be durable enough at least. Due to the unique properties of fiberglass, frames designed with fiberglass are able to withstand the weight demands of triple pane windows without twisting, sagging or warping over time.

What Kind of Spacer is Used?

Triple pane windows usually come with two spacers built to separate the panes of the glass. Most manufacturers use spacers like the super premium spacer as opposed to the warm edge spacer commonly used in other options. This super premium spacer is designed from top quality silicone that has high resistance to UV light oxidation. This spacer also provides excellent argon gas retention capabilities for higher energy efficiency.

What is The Type of Glass Used?

Triple pane windows come with three panes of glass. They include two of three layers of soft and hard coat low-emissivity film which can be included on the surfaces that are not exposed (one for each chamber). By including three layers of glass, triple pane window units are able to reduce noise transmitting from outdoors through the windows.


Triple Pane Windows Overland Park
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